Nana Rao Park

Nana Rao Park

Nana Rao Park is a vast public garden centrally located on Mall Road in Kanpur. (Uttar Pradesh) This beautiful garden is the ideal spot for nature lovers, famous for its lush greenery, particularly evergreen trees and bright-colored flower beds.

The garden adorns water-fountains and life-size statues in historical honor of personalities including Tatya Tope, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Lala Lajpat Rai, and Ajizan Bai. The park features a historic banyan tree called “Boodha Bargad”, symbolizing freedom from the English colonizers.

There is also a public swimming pool, Vyayamshala (standard fitness facility), and a carefully maintained plant nursery. As a result, visitors approach the park for leisure purposes such as spending time with family and friends, brisk walking, yoga, badminton, swimming, and bird-watching.


Bibighar slaughter (1857)

The recreation center is of tremendous verifiable criticalness as the area of the slaughter of around 200 British ladies and youngsters, allegedly on the incitement of a prostitute in Nana Sahib’s court, trailed by the reformatory activities by British troopers of the East India Company during the 1857 Indian insubordination.

Memorial Well (1858 to 1947)

The area was initially called Memorial Well after the dedication was raised to recognize the dead. The dedication had a huge railing, a marble gothic screen with “sad seraph” and across at the site of the well. The occupants of Cawnpore had to pay £30,000 for the formation of the dedication; this was halfway their discipline for not going to the guide of the ladies and children.

Post-Indian independence in 1947

After Indian freedom in 1947, the dedication was crushed. A recreation center was underlying its place with sculptures of heads of the Indian opportunity battle and named to pay tribute to Nana Sahib for his job in the Indian opportunity battle. The marble gothic screen was moved to the churchyard of the All Souls Memorial Church. The remaining parts of a roundabout edge of the well can even now be found in the recreation center today.