JK Temple

JK Temple

JK Temple (Uttar Pradesh), otherwise called Juggilal Kamplapat temple is located on the Govind Nagar road of Sarvodaya Nagar in Kanpur. It is a beautiful combination of both ancient and modern architecture. There are nearby lakes and greenery such as the popular Moti Jheel. Constructed under the supervision of the Singhania family in 1953, the JK temple is largely managed by the JK trust, even till today. The idol of the Hindu deity Radha Krishna is found at the center of the temple which is surrounded by lush greenery and small lakes. This revered portion on the temple site is among the main attractions for devotees here. The temple hosts the festival of Janmashtami to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna in August. Devotees often prefer visiting the temple on this auspicious day and the temple remains open all day long on Janmashtami.


Singhania family which claims various organizations under its umbrella JK Organization framed a trust known as JK Trust in 1953. The trust built this sanctuary and was opened for public in the year 1960. The sanctuary commended its 50 years in 2010.


The sanctuary is situated on First Street in Sarvodaya Nagar region of Kanpur. The Kanpur Airport is situated around 14 km from sanctuary’s grounds. Kanpur Central Railway Station is around 5 km from the sanctuary and has trains to Lucknow, Allahabad, Delhi, Kolkata and other significant urban communities of India. Photography is anyway restricted and the spot is vigorously made sure about with monitors and cctv. Satchels and enormous handbags are not permitted and should be kept at the shroud room prior to entering. Guests are searched before passage.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit JK Temple is from October to March. The temple sees an increase in visits on the day of Janmashtami – festival that celebrates the birth of Krishna. Name of mann aadmi