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Since 1937, The Original Jain Shikanji, The Legacy of the Jain Family has been at the forefront of Traditional Indian Jain Shikanji. At Jain Shikanji Modinagar, we pride ourselves on the Quality & Taste of our Jain Shikanji. Our Zesty Lemon Drinks are one of a kind and well known across Delhi, Gurgaon, Meerut, Roorkee & several other Cities. Not only our refreshments are healthy, but also they offer a better alternative to snacking than the traditional big Names like Coke or Pepsi.

What’s Jain Shikanji?

Guess what? Jain Shikanji is a conventional reviving beverage in India. Your dad, your granddad, your granddad, your dad, and you also have intoxicated it without a doubt. We have all been drinking this supercool-reviving beverage for such countless years and it’s so scrumptious. Unique Jain shikanji has a harsh taste due to the lemon and a little sweet and pungent taste. You can find the best Jain shikanji Modinagar.

In India, yet individuals savor it far off nations moreover. In outside nations, individuals call shikanji ‘lemonade’. A great many people drink and make shikanji in summer as it were. In summer shikanji will give you chilling energies. In the event that you are worn out take one taste of shikanji and, you will feel heaps of energy in you. The well known Jain shikanji proprietor is Anubhav Jain.

At the point when you make shikanji, it won’t require an excess of investment to plan. Simply give ten minutes to make shikanji then drink it. If you are strolling on little roads, you can find numerous little shikanji slows down without any problem. They give you one glass of shikanji at Rs 10. We have close to zero familiarity with the historical backdrop of shikanji making yet we are familiar with the astonishing remarkable taste it.

We Jain Shikanji Modinagar are there for you to give you the genuine flavor and lavishness of our India’s exceptional reward drink name “Shikanji’, the most seasoned and top pick of all. Shikanji is a sound lemon drink and Jain Shikanji Masala is utilized to set up this Shikanji drink at home. We are hanging around for you giving you the kind of jainshikanji at your home by just utilizing our Jain Shikanji masala fundamental USP of this drink is that it invigorated you and kills generally your sluggishness at a go.

It accompanies all normal fixings like dark salt, white salt, dark pepper, harad, long(clove), simmered cumin seed, and Nuasadar. It is chiefly famous in north India and a notable beverage filled in as natively constructed sharbat. Shikanji or Shikanjvi or NimbuPani is a lemonade-like beverage made in a few districts in India. Nimbupani in a real sense means lime water.

Summers bring a sweltering climate, and water misfortune with all the perspiring and thirst! Shikanji is the best refreshment back then or any day so far as that is concerned. The fixings change a piece contingent upon family or provincial impact. You can add or eliminate inclination. It makes an extraordinary re-hydration drink to restore and invigorate. Shikanji or NimbuPani is a flavored drink like lemonade.

Where can you find the best shikanji? Don’t worry! There’s a wonderful shop having lots of varieties and flavors of shikanji. The shop’s name is Jain shikanji. You can find Jain shikanji in modinagar. The original Jain shikanji is located in Modinagar. So, please visit there and have a wonderful taste of shikanji. Jain shikanji owner is Anubhav Jain.

Health benefits of shikanji:-

  • Best for the digestive system. It will improve your digestion.
  • Shikanji is like an antioxidant for your body. Lemon is rich in vitamin C.
  • Lemon is an ingredient of your drink so, the alkaline nature of lemon will protect the cells of the body from oxidation.
  • It’s a natural coolant in summers.
  • Your body will be cool from the inside.
  • It will always make your body hydrated.
  • You will not face sweating problems too much.

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  • Nat khat imli
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