Jain Shikanji Owner


Jain Shikanji Owner


Anubhav Jain, He’s from Ghaziabad in India. He is born into a Jain family. He’s the director of Jain Shikanji Private Limited. Jain shikanji is a very famous brand. Anubhav Jain had the choice of leaving this business and doing some other work but he didn’t leave the business of his family.

Anubhav Jain provides a friendly environment to his workers. He always does appreciate them for their good work. His staff is always happy with their owner’s polite behavior. He takes care of his customers’ needs. He provides the best quality shikanji and snacks to the customers. He is a hard-working person. He always accepts changes. To keep their customers satisfied he always works hard. He is a great leader. He always provides a friendly environment for his workers and treats them as his family.

We continue to add new recipes to the rundown of drinks we offer, So continue to check with us frequently to get our most recent items! We’re continually Learning and Adapting to our client’s preferences and unconventionality.

Jain Shikanji is made with the Freshest lemons and uses great quality masala which gives it, its Iconic Delicious Taste. Through thorough meticulousness, we have kept up with our Shikanji’s Taste over a range of 83 years and then some.

With the approach of new fake sugars and varieties, individuals are beginning to pick more crude and natural rewards over customary compound-based refreshments, as they become mindful of the wellbeing impacts of such synthetic substances in our food and water.

The well-known Jain shikanji has numerous outlets in Modinagar. There’s not one Jain Shikanji that exists. The first Jain Shikanji proprietor is Anubhav Jain. He is a notable financial specialist in Delhi NCR. He was brought into the world in the Jain family and he is a piece of the Legacy of Jain Shikanji’s business. His Great Grandfather had begun this business of Jain Shikanji. Anubhav Jain didn’t leave the matter of his family, he had proceeded with this business. This business Jain Shikanji is the tradition of the Jain family.

Anubhav Jain is extremely kind and cordial with his staff. He gives a well-disposed climate to his laborers and values them for their work. His staff is dependably content with his considerate way of behaving. He generally gives the best quality beverages to the clients.

Excellence at Jain shikanji:

Delicacy At Original Jain Shikanji: This lemony refreshment can do ponders for absorption. During summers when we’re out on the sun-powered and confronting numerous medical issues. Taking fitting consideration of absorption in summers might be exceptionally fundamental.

Lemon is rich in gelatin fiber and ascorbic corrosive that could end up being useful in smooth processing inside the casing. The Original Jain Shikanji drink envelops ginger, cumin, and pepper, thus the homes of those substances can help in better processing.

Jain shikanji owner net worth:

Net worth of Jain shikanji owner is $02 million (2022)

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Jain Shikanji Owner

Jain Shikanji Owner

Jain Shikanji Owner